What is a Bed room?

Don’t Believe the Hype

As the market starts to slow a little bit in the fall, we are seeing a new trend of homeowners & their realtors adding bedrooms. Bedrooms equal money. So you may ask when is a bedroom not a bedroom?

  1. If you have to walk through a bedroom to get to a bedroom. The second room can be a office, walk in closet, nursery or great storage room. What it cannot be is a bedroom.
  2. A room without heat cannot be called a bedroom. If it does not have in in the room it can not be considered living space.
  3. Basement bedrooms if under grade (underground) is not legal living space. If its not legal living space it can not a bedroom.
  4. No closet, no window, no bedroom. I see there are sometimes Large closets/offices in the newer condo complex’s. Yes they are big. Yes it’s a great bonus room but without a window do not count it as a bedroom.
  5. If there is no door it’s not a bedroom. A few months ago a realtor told my client that all she would have to do is build a wall & put a door & that’s your 3rdbedroom.
  6. In thoses houses on septic make sure the town has approved the septic for the amount of bedrooms that it has. If it is a 6 bedroom house and the title 5 says it is good for a 3 bedroom. Then either the home owner has to get a septic system for 6 bedrooms or it should be sold as a 3 bedroom.
  7. It the condo doc’s say it’s a 1 bedroom it is not a 2 bedroom. You may be able to see the bedroom walk into the bedroom. It is what the condo docs say it is.

I hope this blog post was helpful. As you start thinking of looking at properties let me know if there are any questions I can answer. I will check with the town or city make sure you get what you are paying for.

Do you have the 7 year itch?

Not that itch!

The home owners itch to sell. A lot can happen in 7 years. You may have gotten a new job that pays more, your family may have grown and you need more space for the kids, you may have had your kids move out and you want to down size or you’re just tired of the snow and its time to head south to warmer temps! It may be the right time to sell for you and your family

Here is what has happened in the real estate market the past 7 years in the city of Lynn the median house price in 2010 was $200,000 and it took an average of 96 days to sell. In 2016 mediem house prices grew to $291,000 and the average days to sell their home went down to 37. Now lets talk about today!!!! In the city of Lynn the median house price (drum roll please!) is $329,000 and days to sell went to 62 days. That means on average single family home owners in Lynn have earned $129,000 in equity in the last 7 years.

Bottom line it’s a great time to sell and buy your forever home!

So if you or someone you know has that itch to move, let’s talk!

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How you may be able to give the “gift” of a home to a loved one!!

Kevin Dillon from North Shore Bank to go over how you can Gift money to a relative so they can buy a home!! What we cover in the interview! What is a Gift? Who can give a gift? Why does my lender care where the money comes from? Do I need gift letter for a pre- approval ? Can i use a gift as my whole down payment? When should i get a gift? Please Share or contact us!! Kevin Dillon North Shore Bank 781 632 2785 Bill McClory Clements Realty Group 781 724 9637

Mortgage Monday- Common Questions

Sat down with Kevin Dillon from North Shore Bank to go over some Questions a lot of people have. What if I have no credit history? Do I need to payoff all my debt? Does my rent play a role in my approval? What if I’m getting a gift? Do I need to take a homebuyers class? What if I started a new job? What if I make most of my money on tips? Should I put all of my money in one bank account? What documents should I have prepared? Kevin Dillon North Shore Bank 781 632 2785 Bill McClory Clements Realty Group 781 724 9637

Why get pre-approved?

I Sat Down with my friend David Kay from MSA Mortgagee to answer the question, why you should get pre-approved TODAY, if I am not going to buy for a few months or even a year? It’s all in the prep. It gives you a road map of what you need to buy your home! David explains why getting ready today can help you buy a home tomorrow. David is great at helping people getting ready to buy a Home!


Guest info

David Kenneth Kay

Vice President NMLS 37490MSA Mortgage, LLC

617-335-8380 – cell 781-823-0240 – e-fax

Mortgage Monday – When buying a home what do I do?

I sat down with Kevin Dillon Jr. of North Shore Bank to get answers of questions that I hear a lot from 1st time home buyers or home buyers we come across .

Buy vs Rent!

Buying can sometimes be cheaper than selling! Contact us at 781 724 9637… Massachusetts Real Estate: To Rent or to Buy, That is the Question Real Estate Guide By Eleanor Boschert… Rent. Buy. Supply. Demand. Inventory down. Vacancy rates up. Oh, and prices. Is it better to rent or to buy now in the Boston metro area? To help you with your decision, MassRealty offers insight into the pros and cons of buying or renting a home in this rebounding real estate market. First, the facts. Rents are skyrocketing, with the average monthly rent in Boston up over 6% year-over-year in 2012. Nationally, Boston ranked the fifth most expensive rental market in the nation, according to the real estate industry data provider, Reis, Inc. Vacancy rates are low, with the perpetual influx of students and many re-locating professionals, the demand for rental housing — from simple to luxury — consistently remains high. Yet, in a real estate market emerging out of a downturn, prices crept upward to the tune of 3.6 % in 2012. Inventory is low, with sellers just beginning to awaken a seller’s marketplace. Estimates claim there is up to 20 % less housing inventory on the market this year than the same point last year. So, just what do you do? Do what feels right to you. But, before you make a decision, crunch the numbers. Figure out your basic rent-to-buy ratio, to see if it is financially wise to buy now. More than likely you will find that the numbers speak for themselves. Buy. Statistics point to the data that currently is it smarter to buy, rather than rent in 98 of the 100 major markets. reports the median asking price for a home in Boston as of February 2013 is $329,900 while the median monthly rent for Boston hovers around $2,400. If you figure buying a home with a 30-year fixed mortgage at a 3.250% interest rate, your monthly payment would be $1,435. Still factoring in your down payment amount, home insurance, and taxes, buying trumps renting. While the financial benefits say “buy,” you should carefully weigh both sides of the whole equation. There are personal, professional, and logistical factors that could also influence your decision. To start, there are three main factors:… Income and job stability Ability to come up with a down payment How long you plan to stay in a home While you’re at it, consider both the pros and cons. But, in the end, the benefits of home ownership outweigh those of renting. PROS: Interest rates are at an all-time low Prices, albeit climbing, still are relatively affordable You are buying an investment for your future There are tax benefits associated with mortgage interest deductions CONS: Coming up with a down payment Tougher mortgage lending standards Costs and responsibilities associated with home ownership Uncertainty about employment or job transfer

Find out your properties True value on the North Shore!

I sat down with Kevin Dillon Jr. of North Shore Bank to get answers of questions that I hear a lot from 1st time home buyers or home buyers we come across .

Why This Spring Would Be a Great Time To Sell Your House

salem winterOn this beautiful winter, snowy day, we were doing some research on the Spring market here on the *North Shore of Boston and you know what we found?  We found the North Shore’s market has increased over 9 percent from this same time last year while average “Days on the Market” went from 88 days to 50 days which is not surprising seeing that most properties are receiving multiple offers these days.  The Spring could be the best time in recent history to sell your property.

For a free Market Analysis, give us a call and we can setup a time to meet that fits your schedule.

*North Shore ( Lynn, Peabody, Salem, Saugus, Beverly, Danvers )

Why Hire A Professional Photographer For Your Real Estate Listing?

I’m consistently amazed by the number of real estate agents ( either collaborating with home-owners or going rogue ) that decide to take on the challenge of photographing their client’s properties themselves.  Browsing your local Zillow and Redfin yields inconsistent and sometimes hilarious results; there’s the guy who staged his own bedroom ( empty beer cans and all ), iPhone masterpieces of bathrooms with next to no light, and cluttered living rooms with laundry not-so-subtly shoved behind the furniture.  Seasoned agents know they can’t wear every hat in their business, so why do some still do it?  I’d like to offer a few reasons NOT to:

1. Attention Spans

In a world of  Facebook, YouTube, and Vine it’s easy to understand why the average person’s attention span is merely a few seconds long.  There’s too many options – and what do you think is going to make your prospective home-buyer stop in their tracks and purchase your listed property?  I can guarantee you it won’t be your poorly-lit, grainy shot of the front of the house that neglects to show the size of the yard ( or maybe hide it’s proximity to the main road ).

2. Lighting and Angles

An experiences photographer not only knows where to add and subtract light, ( read: add in those tiny, cramped bedrooms and subtract to minimalize scuffs on the wall ) but they also know how to highlight the space in a room to make it seems even larger.  It’s embarrassing how many DIY photographers neglect some of the most obvious shots ( such as those that include windows ) in favor of long, empty shots of walls on the opposite side of the room.  It’s also worth noting that the tripod height can make the room seem taller or shorter depending on how it’s used.

3. Photoshop

Let’s get one thing straight; Photoshop should never be used as a crutch or to to manipulate someone into buying something that’s been digitally altered.  That being said, HDR Photography allows the camera to see even more light levels ( with the assistant of post-production ) and can make enhance a drab setting with a touch of elegance.

4. Cost

In 2013 Shannon O’ Brien made a great point in a Market Leader article that advocated using a professional:

“Let’s assume that you’re an average agent, working in an average market where the median sales price is the same as the national median, about $222,275, and you take one of those average listings.

If you spend just 1/10 of 1 percent of the list price to advertise the home, it would cost you $222.

Considering your commission will be $6,668 and change, $222 seems paltry, doesn’t it? Kick down just a bit more and you can hire a professional photographer.”

Given the investment, can you really afford not to?

Blog post provided by Lightshed Photography.