Easy Lawn Care Tips for the Busy Landlord

Nothing makes a property look worse than an uncared-for lawn. Lots of dandelions, unmown grass, dry patches… it seems like such a large amount of work to take care of. If you want to have these problems eradicated, it will cost a fortune, right? No. Here’s what you can do to keep your lawn lush and green without paying big in time or money.

Use a mulching lawn mower, and keep it on the highest setting.

A mulching lawn mower is one that will cut your grass into small pieces so that it can be more easily digested back into your lawn. Fertilizing your lawn naturally in this manner will cut down on the work you have to do by emptying the bag on your regular lawnmower, or raking up grass clippings afterward. Keep your lawnmower on the highest setting; slightly taller grass keeps moisture in the soil better than shorter grass, resulting in a healthier lawn.

Lots of weeds? Get your soil pH tested.

Grass thrives at a pH of 6.5 while dandelions thrive at about 7.5; so it follows that if you want fewer dandelions in your grass, check the pH. Your local hardware store has soil pH testing kits starting at $8. If your pH is above 6.5, consider dusting your lawn with gardener’s sulfur. Should the results be the opposite, dust with lime.

Choose the best time to mow.

The key to a green lawn is making sure that it gets enough moisture. Taller grass allows the soil to retain moisture longer, resulting in a greener lawn. Be sure to mow when you are anticipating rain in the next couple of days. This way, the grass retains its moisture as long as possible before being cut; then the falling rain will replace the water for the growing grass.

There’s no reason to put off taking care of your lawn simply because you think it will cost a mint. These are all easy things you can do today that will result in a greener lawn tomorrow.

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